The IndiePix Unlimited Frequently Asked Questions page is underdevelopment, because we don't have a lot of questions yet. However, here are some points that have come up during the development period that may be helpful.

Signing Up

How do I sign up? Simply complete the subscribe enrollment form

I've prepaid. Do I need to put in my credit card information? Credit card information on each subscriber is part of the sign up process, even for the prepaid period. You can cancel at any time during your trial or prepaid period and your credit will not be billed and and your information will be deleted from our system. See the comments on billing below.

Watching A Film

What about watching a film? Totally easy! Choose the film you are interested in and press "Watch Now". To help you choose the film you would like to see, please consult the information on the film page and the trailers that are available.

What about controls? You have all the usual controls for stop, start, pause, forward and rewind. Additional controls are under development for our player. You do not have to finish one film to start another, but if you leave a film "paused", you may have to restart it when you come back

Can I connect to a TV set? Absolutely. IndiePix Unlimited films look great on large screen TVs, both plasma and LCD. Just connect the video out from your desktop or laptop computer to the appropriate input on your television screen. Some tv screen accept HDMI cables from computer to screen to enable you to watch your film in high defintion. Some tv screens are only equipped for standard video (eg, VGA) plugs. Connecting a home computer platform to your television set is easy and rewarding. We will have a special FAQ on this topic shortly.

Will These Streams Play on my mobile device? The IndiePix Unlimited website streams in the Flash video format at this time. So any platform that supports flash will play the IndiePix Unlimited film. We are, however, expanding to mobile devices this year. Our mobile app, IndiePix Unlimited, will be available in the Google Play and iTunes stores in early 2016.

Subscription Billing

Do I need to pay manually each month? No. Your monthly subscription is automatically billed to the credit card you provided. You can manage your account through your "Account" page. You can also use the "Contact Us" to ask us to make changes in your account.

When am I billed? Your card will be billed for your subscription on the first day of your second month of service and every anniversary date thereafter.

Can I Cancel My Subscription? Yes. You can use the "Cancel Subscription" link found in the "Plan Info" section of your "Account" page. Or you can use the "Contact Us" link to request a subscription cancellation. Either way, please let us know before the new billing is processed. You can cancel at any time during the current month of service and your subscription will continue to be available (at no additional charge) until the end of the current month and the payment for the following month will not have been cancelled.

What if I have a prepaid gift subscription or a prepaid subscription for several months? In this case, you will still have to enter your credit card information so that your account can be billed when the gift or introductory offer expires.

Will you tell me if there is a problem with the billing? Yes. You will get an email from us reporting the transaction problem and suggesting how to fix it. If there is a more serious issue, please use the "Contact Us" link and choose "Billing Problem" for the subject line.

If you have any other questions, or any suggestions for this FAQ page, please use the "Contact Us" link and let us know!