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  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

People are there, and then they're not

by Alyssa on Jun 15th, 2011
Skeletons is the very interesting story of a pair of two strange salesmen, Bennet and Davis who have a somewhat unusual job. They have the ability to look into people’s closets and pull out their deepest darkest secrets. Throughout the movie they use this talent as a job to help people who are questioning anything and everything, while the duo struggle to keep their personal lives separate from their work. When they are hired by a woman Jane to help find her husband who disappeared 8 years ago, they begin to encounter a series of very strange situations that question their abilities, and the emotional strain that comes along with the job.
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Come Outtta There Mate!

by Alessandro on May 18th, 2011
Partners Davis and Bennett are not your conventional salesmen. They are in the business of extraction--of concealed secrets within households. It's a delicate and potentially harmful procedure especially when used for personal devices. Director Nick Whitfield is clearly a professional who knows how to craft a unique and equally engaging story from beginning to end. The script was what you would expect from the "quirky Brit" genre--just enough humor,gloom, and quirk. It was definitely not an easy film to shoot as Whitfield had to utilize off-beat flashbacks in order to portray the "extractions". He achieved these flashbacks fluidly using creative, sometimes fast-paced cuts and effective sound effects. This isn't just an entertaining film, but also a thought-provoking piece about how we deal with loss. It is in our nature to dwell on our past misfortunes, but it is most important (for our own health) to find out how to address them and move on in a positive manner. Though most of the film is quite bleak and drab, at least it ends with our heads up--away from our closet doors.