In His Own Home

In His Own Home

By Malini Johar Schueller


When heavily armed campus police broke into the University of Florida campus apartment of disabled and unarmed Ghanaian doctoral student Kofi Adu-Brempong, and within a minute of entry shot him in the face, his life was forever changed. Yet the officer who shot him, who had previously been caught cruising through town throwing eggs at residents of a Black neighborhood, was neither suspended nor fired. This documentary is about the ongoing pattern of police brutality against Blacks–from Gainesville to Ferguson to New York-- and the dangers of over militarized campuses. It is about student protests that led to the administration dropping charges against Kofi and about continuing student efforts to revoke SWAT-like teams on campus and to establish police review boards.
United States 30 minutes 2015 English
  • Award for Best Local Film - 2015 Cinema Verde Film Festival (Gainesville, Florida)
  • Best Documentary Short Award - 2015 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (Atlanta, United States)
  • Short Film Special Recognition Award - 2015 (In)Justice for All Film Festival (Chicago, IL)
  • (In)Justice for All Film Festival 2015 (Chicago, IL)
  • Africa World Documentary Film Festival 2015 (St Louis, Missouri)
  • Cinema Verde Film Festival 2015 (Gainesville, Florida)
  • Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival 2015 (New York)
  • St. Louis Black Film Festival 2015 (St. Louis, MO)
  • Urban Mediamakers Film Festival 2015 (Atlanta, United States)
  • Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival 2014 (Tampa, Florida )
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  • 100.0/5 Stars.

In His Own Home

by michaelmayne on Jul 27th, 2016
In His Own Home documents the attempted murder of a handicapped black graduate student armed with a table leg by a white campus police officer with an assault rifle. It’s a succinct description of racism and state violence in the United States. Its use of historical context, community voices, and official reactions provides ideal teaching material, especially today: in just the past week, police used an assault rifle to shoot an unarmed black care worker who was laying down with his hands in the air, and Oklahoma City police requested permission to carry personally-owned assault rifles on duty.
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