That Girl in Yellow Boots

That Girl in Yellow Boots

By Anurag Kashyap


That Girl in Yellow Boots focuses on Ruth’s quest to find birth parents, namely her father. Ruth begin researching her family history after the passing of her mother and the suicide of her 15-year old sister, Britain-based Ruth Edscer (Kalki Koechlin) goes on a birth parent search to Mumbai, India in order to locate her father, Arjun Patel. She manages to find employment with a massage parlor where she not only earns a wage, but charges Rs.1000/- for a illicit behaviour for her affluent male clients. Ruth delves into these illicit behaviours in order to bide time in India and to find out the perfect way on how to find family members and answers. She has been made aware that she cannot be hired unless and until she is granted a official work permit, so regularly attends the Foreigners Registration Office to extend her stay, while making herself familiar with the culture and ‘donations.’ Challenges follows after a confrontation with Indian gangsters, Chittiappa Gowda, who not only assaults her but also takes away her savings, as her boyfriend, Prashant, owes him money. While tracing her family tree and getting even with Prashant, she finds out that her father had changed his name, is now known as Benjamin, and maybe residing in a building called Versova. She does locate the building – but Ruth’s journey to tracing her family history will give her a shock when she finds out who her father really is.
India 103 minutes 2011 English, Hindi
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival 2010 (Minneapolis, United States)
  • Toronto International Film Festival 2010 (Toronto, Canada)
  • Venice International Film Festival 2010 (Venice, Italy)
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  • 80.0/5 Stars.

Yellow Boots

by elfantasticofandango on Oct 24th, 2011
A fascinationg look at morals, from a relativistic viewpoint. Ruth, about 21, is in search of her father. She lives in Bombay, speaks the language and knows the customs. Her mother is English and her father a Hindu. He mysteriously left after the suicide of her yonger sister, Emily. The film is well acted and the dialog crisp. The story unvails at a slow and interesting pace. You may not like what she finds at the end of her journey, and she'll be worse for it because of it, but it does provide closure. I give it 4 stars.
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