King of Chinatown

King of Chinatown

By Calvin Theobald


The world of Video Games is currently a billion dollar industry, which profits off fans both young and old. Since it’s creation, a subculture has formed which looks to make playing Video Games a career rather than a hobby. Their goal is to turn "Gaming" into a legitimate sport, where money can be made through competitions, endorsements, and sponsorships. One of the largest communities within this subculture is the “Fighting Game” community.

In order to make a name for one’s self in the “Fighting Game” community; players must start in small arcades and work their way through both local and sponsored tournaments. The largest event is this community is known as the Evolution Tournament, or “EVO”.

This is Justin Wong’s story as he attempts to work his way through the “Fighting Game” scene with the release of "Street Fight IV". Justin's goal is to make playing Video Games competitively his full time career.
United States 62 minutes 2010 English