Dominick Dunne: After the Party

Dominick Dunne: After the Party

By Kristy de Garis, Timothy Jolley


Hollywood outcast, best-selling author and chronicler of the rich and famous, Dominick Dunne is one of the world's leading journalists and society commentators. This is his story.

Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Dominick Dunne has become known the world over for his vociferous championing of the rights of the victim in high-profile murder cases. His powerful commentaries have made compelling reading in Vanity Fair for a quarter of a century. Now, aged 82, Dunne is covering his last murder trial for Vanity Fair -- the trial of music producer Phil Spector -- and reflects upon his past as a decorated WWII Veteran, his rise and spectacular collapse as a Hollywood producer, and his rebirth as the writer we know today. Dunne's mind offers a fascinating insight into the American psyche and its obsession with fame.

Featuring Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, Tina Brown, Joan Didion, Griffin Dunne and New York Post gossip columnist Liz Smith as well as legendary Hollywood producer Robert Evans (The GodFather, Chinatown), Dominick Dunne: After The Party uncovers what lies beneath a life.
United States 85 minutes 2008 English
  • Hamptons International Film Festival 2008 (Hamptons, United States)
  • Melbourne International Film Festival 2008 (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2008 (Sheffield, United Kingdom)

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