Artois the Goat

Artois the Goat

By Kyle Bogart, Cliff Bogart


Lab technician Virgil Gurdies embarks on an epic quest to create the greatest goat cheese the world has ever known, and reclaim the heart of his beloved Angie. She has taken a new job in Detroit and to follow her means signing his life over to his soul-sapping career in artificial flavor additives. To stay behind and pursue his newfound passion for fine artisanal goat cheese, is to risk losing her forever.

Despite his lack of resources, experience, or basic competency in the field of agriculture, Virgil heads for the hills (literally) with a felonious German baker, a grave- digging hermit, and a tiny white goat named Artois. With Angie awaiting his imminent return and a conference of the International Cheese Consortium just a few months away, he has no choice but to go for broke. He throws away everything he has on a gamble so that, before it is too late, he can craft a cheese that will change the world. A cheese that will buy him a new life. A cheese of destiny.
United States 109 minutes 2009 English
  • Audience Award (Winner) - 2010 Trail Dance Film Festival (Duncan, United States)
  • Best Feature (Winner) - 2010 Beloit International Film Festival (Beloit, United States)
  • Best Feature (Winner) - 2009 Myrtle Beach International Film Festival (Myrtle Beach, United States)
  • Beloit International Film Festival 2010 (Beloit, United States)
  • California Independent Film Festival 2010 (Livermore Valley, United States)
  • First Glance Hollywood Film Fest 2010 (Los Angeles, United States)
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival 2010 (Palm Springs, United States)
  • Trail Dance Film Festival 2010 (Duncan, United States)
  • Friars Club Comedy Film Festival 2009 (New York, United States)
  • Lone Star Film Festival 2009 (Fort Worth, United States)
  • Myrtle Beach International Film Festival 2009 (Myrtle Beach, United States)
  • SXSW Film Festival 2009 (Austin, United States)
  • Tofino Film Festival 2009 (Tofino, Canada)
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  • 100.0/5 Stars.


by Lorien Green on Oct 21st, 2011
I absolutely loved every minute of this movie. It was funny, uplifting, and inspiring. I was completely drawn into the characters, cheering for them, hating them, worrying about them. This film should be in theaters.

I'll be buying several copies as Christmas gifts.
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