Hell On Wheels

Hell On Wheels

By Bob Ray


In 2001 a rowdy group of Austin women were determined to ressurect an old sport, but with a new spin. This is the beginning of a revolution:

Hell On Wheels is the ass-kicking documentary film telling the story of a group of Texas women who band together to resurrect roller derby for the 21st century. Emerging from the Austin music and arts scene, these women create a rock and roll fueled version of all-girl roller derby that has spawned the derby craze that's sweeping the nation.

Currently there are two leagues packing houses and holding bouts in Austin, Texas. The media are moving in and the Austin leagues have been featured on Comedy Central's Insomniac, on the ABC show Switched, The CBS Morning Show, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, MSNBC, HD Net TV, TNT and on A&E with the new reality show "Rollergirls." Articles have appeared in Spin, Jane, Bust, Paper, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Playboy Magazine, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Newsday and several other national and international publications.

The success of these Texas leagues has inspired hundreds of women across the country to get on their skates and organize derbies in their own hometowns and cities.
Hell On Wheels is the birth of the rollergirl revolution, chronicling the creation of the first modern-era women's roller derby league, the Lonestar Rollergirls and the breakaway league, the Texas Rollergirls. Filmed from the trenches, Hell On Wheels delivers the struggles and eventual success of the rollergirls as they construct a new sport and set forth to conquer the globe.
United States 90 minutes 2008 English
  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2008 (Perth, Australia)
  • Victoria International Film Festival 2008 (Victoria, Canada)
  • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2007 (Missoula, United States)
  • Chicago Underground Film Festival 2007 (Chicago, United States)
  • Dallas Video Festival 2007 (Dallas, United States)
  • Indie Memphis Film Festival 2007 (Memphis, United States)
  • Lone Star Film Festival 2007 (Fort Worth, United States)
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival 2007 (Newport, United States)
  • San Francisco Documentary Festival 2007 (San Francisco, United States)
  • Starz Denver Film Festival 2007 (Denver, United States)

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