A Life Among Whales

A Life Among Whales

By Bill Haney


A fascinating exploration into the life and work of whale biologist and activist Roger Payne.

Weaving together natural information on whales and biography, Billy Haney was able to created a riveting film, A Life Among Whales. A Life Among Whales delves deeply into the unique relationship between humans and whales, it also shows whale hunting facts. A Life Among Whales allows people to contemplate, should whale hunting be banned? This story is told by renowned whale biologist and activist Dr. Roger Payne. For four decades Dr. Payne has advanced the boundaries of science and activism to ensure that in saving whales we humans can learn more about studying ocean animals facts.

It all began with his pioneering work showing information on killer whales in the 1970s documentary song of the whale, which was the start of his study on whale facts like the types of whales and sea animals in the ocean pollution today. With a beautiful and haunting collection of whales pictures like killer whale pictures, gray whale pictures, and Orca whale pictures Dr. Payne allows the viewer to see interesting facts about whales by swimming with whales.

Dr. Payne has not only swam with a list of whales like Orca whales, grey whales, right whales, humpback whales, blue whales, toothed whales, and white whales, but he also an opponent against whale hunting. His goal is to stop whale extinction by presenting facts about whales through whale watching tours presenting fact about whaling history and the whale population.

Dr. Payne also address the countless whaling techniques that companies use to obtain whale meat, oil, and blubber from whales. Payne, shows us the secret that most whaling companies do not want the general public to find out, and that is it is covering up deceptive whaling practices in the name of science.

As a result of the countless whaling techniques over the years a large majority of whales in the ocean population have come close to extinction. The blue whale is an example of this fact. About 10 percent of the total population of blue whales have been killed in one year due to fishing practices. As a result a record of whales being killed by every. Dr. Payne shows us it is time to act and respond to these negative practices done by whaling companies.

A Life Among Whales forces us to question our stewardship of the Earth and our coexistence with some of its most intriguing creatures.
57 minutes 2005 English
  • Ben & Jerry's Environmental Award (Winner) - 2006 Vermont International Film Festival (Burlington, United States)
  • Best Cinematography Award (Winner) - 2005 United Nations Association Film Festival (Stanford, United States)
  • Best Film & Video (Winner) - 2006 WorldFest International Film Festival (Houston)
  • Best Oceans/Water Film (Winner) - 2005 EarthVision Environmental Film Festival (Santa Cruz, United States)
  • Best of Festival List (Winner) - 2006 Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival (Seattle, United States)
  • Best Sea Conservation Film (Winner) - 2006 International Life Film Festival (United States)
  • Delray Beach Film Festival 2006 (Delray Beach, United States)
  • Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital 2006 (Washington D.C., United States)
  • Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2006 (Hot Springs, United States)
  • OceanPlanet Film Festival 2006 (Mystic, United States)
  • Our Island, Our World Film Festival 2006 (Salt Spring Island, United States)
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival 2006 (Newport, United States)
  • San Francisco Ocean Film Festival 2006 (San Francisco, United States)
  • Toronto International Environmental Film Festival 2006 (Toronto, Canada)
  • American Conservation Film Festival 2005 (Shepherdstown, United States)
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2005 (Jackson Hole, United States)
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  • 100.0/5 Stars.

That Marketable Whale Real Estate

by Wesley on Jun 21st, 2011
Life Among Whales achieves everything it set out to and does so with a great formula. With just the right among of graphic scenes, scientific information, thought-provoking arguments, and general tape of actual whales this documentary sings beautifully on the idea of saving this great species.

The narration was excellent and while listening you felt a genuine attachment to whale-kind that in turn makes you (the audience) want to engage in that attachment.

Overall, again, this film achieves everything. I will be looking more into what I myself can do to help this cause after viewing this film.
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