By Russell Friedenberg


This Award-Winning Surrealist Comedy comes from the Producer of the Academy-Award Nominated and Independent Spirit Award-Winning Frozen River!

Like Laurel and Hardy, Jake and Elwood, or Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo before them, Lionel and Tin are on an ill-fated but well-scripted journey into the depths of the American psyche. Recently escaped from Trinity Psychiatric Center, the pair hit the road on a dual mission -- to produce a work of cinematic genius, and to fulfill the urgings of God himself (appearing as a grizzled old cowboy) and inscribe the Last Commandments: the only hope for a doomed society plunging towards ultimate destruction. Plagued by their own madness and the evil machinations of another disturbed escapee, Lionel and Tin begin to uncover the secrets of their own dark past. Will it ultimately lead to their undoing, to the fulfillment of their great mission, or simply a serious re-write?

Ibid was nominated for the Cinevision Award at the Munich Film Festival.
United States 90 minutes 2008 English
  • Cinevision Award (Nominee) - 2008 Munich Film Festival (Munich, Germany)
  • Piaget Producers Award (Winner) - 2008 Independent Spirit Awards (Santa Monica, United States)
  • Indie Memphis Film Festival 2008 (Memphis, United States)
  • Munich Film Festival 2008 (Munich, Germany)
  • Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2008 (Seattle, WA)
  • SXSW Film Festival 2008 (Austin, United States)

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