Every Dog's Day

Every Dog's Day

By Andy Biscontini


A singing Indian shirt-manufacturing heir exiled in Brooklyn offers $30,000 for a green-card wife and sets off a race between a trio of down-and-out hustlers to find him a bride for a cut of the money in a funny and colorful fable that celebrates and satirizes the folly of life, liberty, and the pursuit of cash in post-9/11 New York City.

Every Dog's Day is at once a loving tribute to and stinging satire of the persistence of petty money squabbles and affairs of the heart in dire times, and a tragically funny reminder that some people never learn.

With Bianca Cassidy of Coco Rosie and Elyas Kahn of Nervous Cabaret.
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  • 80.0/5 Stars.

Funny and Quirky

by Rachel Walls on Jan 21st, 2012
Pretty good movie. A bit predictable - but still a solid plot. Nice ensemble. A few laugh out loud scenes.
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