By Brian Liu, Mary Wareham


Evocative, visually stunning, and utterly unforgettable, Disarm spans a dozen countries to look at how, despite a global ban, millions of antipersonnel mines continue to claim victims daily in countries around the world.

Co-directed by Mary Wareham, a leader of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), and photojournalist Brian Liu, Disarm features striking footage smuggled out of the isolated nation of Burma, scenes from a war-ravaged community in Colombia, footage from minefields in Iraq, and exclusive scenes shot by Afghan and Bosnian deminers.

Defined as a conventional weapon, antipersonnel mines inflict destruction upon civilian populations for decades after the initial conflict has ended. Despite thousands of casualties a year, mines continue to be used and stockpiled by governments and rebel groups. Disarm juxtaposes government and public opinion, that of outspoken Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, diplomats, mine victims, deminers, soldiers, and aid workers, to explore the issues that both hinder and further the case against antipersonnel mines.
United States, Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Burma 67 minutes 2009 English
  • Achievement Award (Winner) - 2006 Newport Beach Film Festival (Newport Beach, United States)
  • Cowboy Award (Winner) - 2006 Jackson Hole Film Festival (Jackson Hole, United States)
  • American Film Institute 2006
  • Anchorage International Film Festival 2006 (Anchorage, United States)
  • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2006 (Missoula, United States)
  • Filmstock International 2006 (Luton, UK)
  • Global Visions Film Festival 2006 (Edmonton, Canada)
  • Goteburg Film Festival 2006 (Goteburg, Sweden)
  • Jackson Hole Film Festival 2006 (Jackson Hole, United States)
  • Newport Beach Film Festival 2006 (Newport Beach, United States)
  • RiverRun International Film Festival 2006 (Winston-Salem, United States)
  • Woods Hole Film Festival 2006 (Woods Hole, United States)

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